Ted Lasso Cast FIRE Fanfiction – Who Will Crush It In Early Retirement 

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Call me crazy, but I recently got into a little hidden gem of a show, only to discover that it’s actually the most popular show of all time on AppleTV. I guess I’m not as hip and cool as I thought. 

But I am enough of a nerd to write a Ted Lasso fanfiction FIRE crossover, where we dissect each character in terms of how likely they can reach financial independence and retire early. 

The FIRE Scoring System 

Each character in the Ted Lasso cast is obviously set when it comes to their income. But that doesn’t mean that they can reach financial independence and retire early (aka FIRE.) 

Each character’s fanfiction FIRE score will be based on: 

  • Financial decision-making
  • Intentionality and planning
  • FIRE-friendly Lifestyle 

Let’s dive in! 

Ted Lasso 

Before tackling the rest of the Ted Lasso cast, let’s start with the main man himself. How would Ted Lasso fare in early retirement? 

I never see him go over the top in terms of spending. He lives in a reasonable “flat,” doesn’t own a car, and doesn’t do anything extravagant. He’s setting himself up for early retirement by keeping his lifestyle humble. 

On the other hand, he does go out for a beer every night – a habit that adds up financially. He’s also prone to spontaneous grand gestures – which is fun but can take an unexpected hit on your bank account if you’re not paying attention. Lastly, Ted Lasso constantly leaves things to chance or takes other people’s advice without analyzing it too much. This makes for a fun way to spend your days and for a heart-warming show, but not for a well-planned future. 

Overall, I’d say Ted Lasso’s lifestyle is well-suited for early retirement but is not exactly intentional enough to pursue it. 

FIRE Score: 3/5 

Coach Beard 

I’m sure that Coach Beard is a star of many a Ted Lasso fanfiction stories, but you’ll be surprised that he will get a higher FIRE score than his boss. While their lifestyles are pretty equivalent, Coach Beard is certainly more intentional in everything he does. 

Unlike Lasso, Beard thoroughly researches every aspect related to soccer, erm, football. This means that if he wanted to pursue the FIRE lifestyle, he’d be a finance expert in no time. He’s also a chess enthusiast – which tells me he could plan for early retirement just fine. 

Couple his intentionality with his frugal lifestyle, and I think Coach Beard’s well on his way to financial freedom. 

FIRE Score: 4/5 

Rebecca Welton 

I’m guessing Rebecca could retire tomorrow if she wanted to… but maybe not. 

Her lifestyle is pretty extravagant. She lives in a huge home, and goes out for dinners worth my family’s whole grocery budget. 

And yes, she owns a huge business but her business decisions – from trying to sabotage her own club to holding on to a losing coach – make for an interesting TV character but you wouldn’t learn those in Business 101. 

From all the Ted Lasso cast characters, I really don’t think she’s cut out for early retirement. 

FIRE Score: 2/5 

Roy Kent 

Okay, I have to admit that Roy Kent doesn’t give me much to work with when it comes to FIRE. (Although I’m sure he gives plenty to work with for Ted Lasso fanfiction.) He doesn’t give the impression that he’s either fiscally responsible or irresponsible. Also, his humble beginnings don’t add any clarity because they could be both a blessing or a curse for his financial freedom. When people make a huge sudden jump in their earnings, they can be either very smart in what they do with their money (like Sam’s restaurant) or really ridiculous (like Jaime’s outfits.) 

From the outside, Roy Kent always wears the same clothes and doesn’t show any outrageous displays of wealth, to which I’ll give some major props, but he’s also easily governed by his emotions and doesn’t seem to think ahead. A no-no for financial freedom. 

FIRE Score: 3/5 

Leslie Higgins 

Leslie Higgins will do just fine in early retirement – once his four kids are financially independent. His character is very responsible, making me think that he’s been planning for his retirement for decades, and his lifestyle would totally support that. 

As long as he’s been saving, investing, and acting strategically with his finances (like you would learn on this blog,) his financial freedom is in his hands. 

FIRE Score: 4/5 

Keeley Jones 

Keeley already had a taste of early retirement and HATED IT. And watching this character – I really don’t see her doing retiring early successfully. 

How she reached her initial status of financial independence is unclear, her new business acumen seems pretty superficial. And while it’s clear that she’d work tirelessly for what she earns, she’d also happily blow all her money away without much thought about the future. 

FIRE Score: 2/5 

Nate Shelley

Nathan Shelley – probably the most extreme character arc in the entire Ted Lasso cast – is most suited for early retirement and financial independence. 

His entire lifestyle has been perfect for saving money – including living with his parents and going to modest restaurants for special occasions – and it did not change with increased income. 

In fact, just one year in the higher earning bracket will probably set him up for life. Let’s just hope he reads this blog to figure out how to do it. 

FIRE Score: 5/5 

Ted Lasso Cast – FIRE Crossover 

Would you agree with my FIRE scores, do you have any other Ted Lasso fanfiction ideas, and what score would you give some other Ted Lasso cast members like Sam, Jamie, or Colin, Isaac, Dani, and of course – Trent Crimm? Leave me a comment! 

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Ted Lasso cast – FIRE fanfiction edition

Ted Lasso Cast

Ted LassoJason Sudeikis
Coach BeardBrendan Hunt
Rebecca WeltonHannah Waddingham
Roy KentBrett Goldstein
Leslie HigginsJeremy Swift
Nathan (Nate) ShelleyNick Mohammed
Keeley JonesJuno Temple
Jamie TarttPhil Dunster
Sam ObisanyaToheeb Jimoh
Isaac McAdooKola Bokinni
Dani RojasCristo Fernandez
Trent CrimmJames Lance
Ted Lasso Cast

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