How to make money FAST: Up to $10,000/hr!

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There are lots of ways to make money slowly but today I will show you how to make money fast because that’s what everyone wants right? More money and faster money.

There are plenty of sites that talk about making money with some method or another but so few of them take into account the effort needed to bring in that money. Side hustle? No way! 1-job is plenty for me. I’ll just make some money fast with no work thanks.

And great news for you, finding financial loopholes is my obsession so here I’m highlighting some of the biggest ways to make some extra money with little time spent.

I will go all out actually and limit myself to things that will make you lots of money in 1-hour.

There are many things you could do in an hour to make money. Almost anything really. Like working at TacoBell. But your time has almost no value there, and you aren’t going to make money fast. That’s minimum wage slow.

Making money fast is all about maximizing value for time so these are my top 3 big hitters for 1-hr of effort that peak at $10,000 an hour!

If you have a specific money-saving goal read these:

$10,000/hr you say?!?

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Today though, we are focusing on actions you can take to make a lot of money in that 1 hr. How does $10,000 sound!?

Seriously, that’s what we are achieving today. I wouldn’t even let myself get paid to sit for less than $50/hr, and things on this list are all $100/hr-$10,000/hr.

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That’s right! $100/hr. Eat our dust, highly-paid criminal lawyers! WE don’t have to nickel and dime our way to success. We are going to make money FAST!

Table of Contents: How to make money FAST!

Not exactly highly skilled, highly paid labor

Under 1hr, Up to $10,000 and it gets better!?!

This is the kicker.

Since I’m just springing this idea on you all of a sudden, I can’t expect you to have prepared for this surge of income.

Obviously, you could make a lot of money in the long term, by grinding out a career as a criminal lawyer and eventually owning a law firm. That takes planning and prep work to get there. Decades of prep work in that case.

You want your money now and I wrote this article for you!

You can read this article and then BLAMO! Go make your money!

make money fast - Benjamin
Zoom! Fast money! (source)

#1 – Simple and quick: $100/hr

The simplest and quickest way to make money fast is to sell some of the things you own. But there’s a trick to maxing out your pay rate. Read on!

I love selling stuff. It gives me a special high which comes in two forms:

  1. You will get money
    Yay! You can do something smart with it and now you are one step closer to living your dreams.
  2. You will have less stuff
    When you have less stuff, you have more space both mentally and physically. I am a big proponent of living an uncluttered life and this gets rid of your clutter.

Don’t have anything to sell?? Don’t kid yourself, you have a ton of things to sell.

Make money fast hoarding meme

Look around your house, find something that:

  • You haven’t used in 1-yr plus (skiis maybe)
  • Could be rented when needed (skis!)
  • Take up too much space (skiis!!)
  • Or you just don’t like enough to bother keeping…also skiis. (I don’t hate skiing, but skiis are big expensive and rentable).

Sell all that stuff!

You can be intense about it and Marie Kondo up your whole house but to be honest I never felt like I had time for that. I love the idea but I want to spend 1-hr, find something, make money fast, and move on.

I’m busy and I want fast money. I don’t want to pretend to be a maid for a weekend. No thanks Marie Kondo, I’ll pass (although I think her show is amaaaazing).

So what is the trick to making a lot of money quickly!? I have two tricks actually!

Trick #1 – Sell it off in bulk

In terms of your rate of pay and your ability to declutter your house in 1-hour, this method cannot be beaten:

  • Sign up at a site that will take your stuff
  • Submit pictures of items/barcodes
  • Someone else assesses value and sends a prepaid shipping box
  • Send it away
  • Get paid upfront. No negotiations!
  • Done!!!
Make money fast meme

This is so great that I question anyone’s desire to list anything individually. My friend got in a bad place financially and with my emotionless love of selling things he made $500 in 3-hrs. I was blown away.

Namely, I like these two:

Decluttr = Electronics, Textbooks, Lego

Why I love them:

  • Uses a sweet app
  • I have a +10% coupon (It helps support the site)
  • They give you money within 24 hrs of the box arriving.

ThredUp = Womens’ + Kids’ Clothes

I love it for the same reasons as Decluttr.

No coupon though 🙁

make money fast with no prep - thredup
Thredup – the no-prep way to make money fast.

It’s a bummer ThredUp is only womens’ and kids’ clothing. It’s no good for me either but to be honest, I get it.

I will wear around-the-house clothes until they literally fall apart. No one wants what I’m willing to give away and I don’t think I’m the only guy who operates this way.

Trick #2 – Discount or give away individual sales

I love those bulk sale sites because they are so time-efficient. The only letdown is that they won’t take everything 🙁

So I will teach you how to keep your pay rate up when you have to sell off objects one at a time with my 3-step process:

  1. Use local classifieds (Facebook, LetGo, craigslist) not eBay
    People will come to your door thus eliminating travel/packing time. (Shipping doesn’t exactly help make money fast.)
  2. Discount the item 10% from the market value
    People on these sites go crazy for deals. So you can sell something 10x as fast by sacrificing a little.
  3. Give away items <$100 to earn favors.

Favors? I’m not a mafioso!

Favors can be worth a lot even if you aren’t trying to whack anyone.

I always offer my neighbor some of the weird junk that I don’t want. In return, they owe me and now I can borrow their expensive tools, receive home fixing help, get free house sitting, and mail retrieval.

Maybe your neighbors would dog sit for you since you are nice. But with favors. They owe you!

I’m on a 4-month trip right now. Mail holding would have cost me >$500. My neighbor owes me a favor though. Tada! It’s free. Yay!

#2 – Slow and Big: $1000/hr

Are you willing to delay your gratification for a bigger payout? I hope so!

In 1-hour you can cancel a subscription. I guarantee you have some subscriptions you have forgotten about.

Think cable-TV, fee-based credit cards and subscription crates. Look at your credit card bill, it will jog your memory.

Cutting cable doesn’t need much more work than using scissors and it will help you do more than just make money fast. (link)

You have too many underpants!

The operating procedure for all subscriptions is that you will signup under a promotion, then get used to the withdrawals after a while, and never bother to cancel.

MeUndies, BlueApron, and LootCrate feel like good value, don’t get me wrong. But after a while, you have too much of it:

  • Do I really need a new pair of undies every month forever?
  • After 1-year of BlueApron haven’t you built up enough new recipes to last you a lifetime? 
  • How many “POP! dolls” can you have before you look insane?

By all means, signup, but cancel it after the promotions end! Trust me you have too much underwear.

24 months of MeUndies = 24 pairs. Meaning you only wear them monthly! That is too much underwear. Stop it!

My buddy loves the value of LootCrate BUT his shelves are so full of weird stuff that he’s always giving everything away. If he did cancel it:

  • He would get $40 a month back (plus tax)
  • It would take less than 1-hr
  • After only two years he would have an extra $1000!

He won’t do it though. It drives me nuts. He’ll never retire either, just float around in his giant pile of bobblehead dolls.

#3 – Hard and Huge: $10,000/hr !!!

The biggest bang you can ever get your time is to get some competitive pricing on your salary.

It’s easy:

  1. Sign up for GlassDoor.
  2. Stuff in your credentials.
  3. Get your personalized salary survey.
  4. Bug your boss about it

I am a manager at work and I want to make something clear:

If you have had a job for 2+ years and haven’t asked for a raise, you are making less than you should.

-Mr FireEscape

I’m not messing with you. An HR goal is to stop payroll from destroying your company while retaining talent. Other people are asking for raises, so HR will make cuts somewhere.

Trust me, if there are a bunch of people on your team someone is getting prioritized. Put some numbers in front of someone with power at work and things will start to happen.

Timelines: Now, I’ve been on the other side of the table countless times. When you are just voicing displeasure, it will be slow.

But after you keep prodding your boss, something will happen. If it doesn’t, then quit. Your company (or your boss) is horrible.

OK, do wait for more than a year in most places. 1 year, sheesh. Kids, AmIRight?

I’ll even walk you through how to have that conversation someday! Not today though.

It’s a little awkward but it takes so little effort for a giant “make money fast” payout.

  • My readers are awesome you likely make around $100,000/yr.
  • A 10% raise is easy to achieve if you haven’t had one for a while.
  • Tada! An extra $10,000 PER YEAR!
  • Just for 1-hr of effort, a little negotiation, and some awkwardness.

That is really making money fast considering how little effort it is.

There is one caveat to easily getting more money at work. You have to be good at your job.

If you suck or are just mediocre people won’t go far out of their way to keep you around. If you are a critical part of the team, then it is critical that you don’t leave, and when you are upset that is BAD. BLAMO! Raise time!

There you have it. Regardless of your time horizons I just hit your with the top 3 methods for how to make money fast!

TL;DR – How to make money fast!

  • Making money slowly is easy. I show 3 methods to make big money in 1-hr.
  • Use my tricks to make over $100/hr selling things.
  • Cancel a service you forgot about to make over $1000/hr.
  • Get a simple salary comparison, to make an extra $10,000/yr in 1-hr.

Do you have any tips about other ways to make money fast with little time input? I’d love to hear them!

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