Finance for busy people…who don’t have space for time wasters

This blog is about improving people’s lives through finance. And best of all we do it without wasting your time.

The typical personal finance advice is to penny-pinch aggressively, change your lifestyle or to pour over investment information to better your finances. We don’t do that here.

Minimum effort, minimum disruption, maximum gain only. If it’s not time-efficient or incredibly effective we don’t bother with it.

Why so much efficiency??

There are some VERY important changes you can make in your life to make A LOT of money.

Even better. With more money you can improve your life A LOT.

I used my money to never need to get pulled away from my kids (although sometimes I want to). I no longer need to work, I have assistants and cleaners to do all the time-consuming tasks that were once sucking up my life.

How can you live the good life? + My goal

The magic point to move into a good life is having one million dollars. I want to help you get there quickly to gain these life-changing effects.

I also want to save the world like the stereotypical millennial that I am. The world is a big place though. There are about 6 billion people after all!

So, I set my mark as creating $6 Billion dollars of wealth by 45. I don’t plan to become a billionaire but do plan to make 6000 people into millionaires directly from reading this blog.

I have some wierd views on life

I (mostly) liked my life before retirement at 32 but I wanted more.

So I decided Financial Independence and Early Retirement (AKA FIRE) was the most permanent answer to my problem and I wanted to chase it without ruining the good parts of my current life.

Because of this, I walked down a different path to early retirement than many other folks. A path where I prioritized time-efficiency and simplicity above all other investment metrics.

If you feel like you are too busy to take on something lifechanging, then this blog is for you!

We’ll talk about what it takes to retire early (investing, saving, and real estate) because with money you can retire (if you want) then you will have more free time. The ultimate life hack.

What commitment can I make to you?

  1. Emails I send will be short. Less reading = more time for you.
  2. I will not write fluff – If it’s not important I’m not going to waste your time or mine just to get a few views.
  3. Maximum effectiveness – I will literally write everything around maximum effectiveness (AKA high $/hr). If it doesn’t pay well it’s not being written up (I’m talking about YOU survey sites).
  4. Stand-alone articles – No milking articles for extra posts . You will be able to read 1-article and act.
  5. I will help you skimread – I will provide internal article links so you can skip most of the article, plus a TL;DR so you can really skip to the bare bones.

What’s my backstory?

Once upon a time, I was a normal-enough guy in my 20s working a job in high tech in Toronto Canada (more about me or this if you’re interested). My family wasn’t rich or poor and I didn’t make a pile of money. Then after a particularly painful year at work, I decided I didn’t like the concept of working long days and commuting for the rest of my life.

I could have just looked for a new job but that felt like a band-aid solution. The new gig would end up getting hard eventually too – all companies were the same in the end. Anyways, I knew I could love my current job if I didn’t have to work so damn much.

So I figured out an escape route to lose the need for a job and scrape back the time I felt I so sorely lacked in life.

Along the way, I gained a wife and some kids which just added to my motivation to free up my life to live it properly.

Now I’m retired at 32 to the life I want to live, and my wife did the same. We love our lives now and enjoy our path here. In fact, we thought it was so great that we started this blog to help people reproduce our journey.

Why is FIRE great?

For me, this is pretty straight-forward. I think working is decent but I don’t think you can live out your dreams and live life exactly as you want it while spending the majority of your life’s time working.

why is it good to invest in real estate sponge bob

Want to live in Paris for a year and sip coffee every morning in a cafe with friends? Not very likely if you have a cubicle calling for you. What other dreams do you have that are made impossible by work?

Therefore, we have to find a way to not need to work. This frees up time to do the awesome things we thought we would do when we became adults.

To be honest, post-FIRE I don’t have the oodles of time I expected but I spend my time how I want to at least.

I’m not composing music or anything impressive like that, but if I want to watch some movies I do it guilt-free. Or if my kids want to wander a forest for 8 hours, I’m there with them poking ant hills and slipping in the mud.

Why ‘FiveYear’ FIRE escape?

For an educated and motivated person. You can build up so much wealth in 5 years that you can even retire. I believe in it so much I make a 5-year action plan and named the site after it.

That’s how long it took me from the day I decided to chase it and I could have done a lot of things better.

Also, 5 years sounds good. Definitely better than Four-to-Ten Year FIRE escape :P

Is this you? Then join me!

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