2023’s Top 4 Real Estate Investing Courses: 1 Obvious Winner

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Do you want to know what 2020’s best real estate investing courses are? I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you the VERY best real estate investing course too!

Regardless of why or how you are getting into real estate investing (extra time, money or understanding that it’s lucrative), I will show you the best real estate investing course on the market in 2020.

There are a lot of courses out there on real estate investing, but a lot of them don’t give you enough to make it worth it worth the fees.

So to sort it all out, I did some research and tried out some of the best courses to recommend the BEST one to get you started in real estate.

Sept 2020 Important update!
The winning course (SparkRental FIREfromRealEstate) has temporarily offered me a $500 off coupon for my readers. It’s AWESOME! Check it out!

Today I will teach you:

First I want to address something:

Courses are worth it!

Why the heck should you take a course? You can get everything you need from Mr. FIREescape, can’t you? 

Why would I advertise a course offered by some strangers when I write about real estate investing all the time?

It’s simple. Reading about the random topics I blog about is good for learning but having someone gather all the content together into a comprehensive course is better. Even if the blog articles are really really good (like mine).

I love buying courses and love hiring tutors for everything I learn about. 

There is one simple reason. It’s faster and my time is worth something

Sure I could wander the internet for hours and pick up some Mandarin. I’ll save myself a couple of bucks. Or I could hire a tutor, pay them a bit of money to get me to reasonable comprehension quickly!


I don’t want to waste my time. If I wanted to waste some time I would go get a job and blow off some hours sitting in a cubicle and get paid well for it.

I guarantee I get paid more per hour than my tutor so paying them to teach me is a no-brainer. 

Real Estate Investing Courses are extra worth it

When it comes to making money it’s even more obvious. If I can save some time learning about making money, then I can make more money. Yay, an infinite money loop! 

By the way, when we’re talking about making a real estate investing portfolio, you’ll be playing around with tens and then hundreds of thousands of dollars. The money you spend on a course today will seem like a rounding error in a few years. 

Courses vs Books?

I also want to point something out. Books are cheap (or cheaper than a course) and pretty well organized. 

I like to think my blog is well organized and nice to read too but a book should be well-organized and easier to read cover to cover because the author gets to choose what you read next

(I need to write my blog in bite-sized chunks for you, dear reader, and I don’t know if you are going to click on my next relevant article or wander to some kitten pictures.)

I love books and I read tons of them. 


If you are serious, learning though a course and a tutor is better. Here’s why: 

  1. A book can’t answer your questions directly. 
    If you are confused about something you might get stuck. A tutor can break that roadblock immediately but only if there is some 1-on-1 time involved.

    A book has no idea you are falling behind and moves on. You get more confused, dejected and lose your motivation to carry on.
  2. Courses offer other perks. 
    Usually, it’s not just some paid video. That’s crap – there are millions of videos on youtube. When you buy into a course you get more.

    A real estate course could give 1-on-1 time with a mentor, 1-on-1 time with other people, meetups, or access to some cool extra tools. Books don’t give you any of that, and each of those perks can have a gigantic amount of value.
  3. Someone will judge you if you don’t follow through. 
    If you have homework you know no one will ever check, you know you aren’t really going to do it. If someone is going to judge you on the other end, and you are paying them each time you see them. You are doing that homework.

    The accountability is important, and if it helps you make money faster, then it is worth a lot.

So great. You should buy a course! But which one?

There are millions of them out there. 

Lucky you. Mr. FIREescape did a little investigating to figure out which course is best.

First, I whittled the world down to courses that were about actually investing in rental properties for cash flow. 

You can get into real estate by being a realtor or broker and there are courses for that. I skipped those, I don’t want another job thank you very much.

You can also do REITs or flip houses. Also no thanks. Rentals are awesome for the long term and I want nothing but the most awesome for you. 

What else? I judged everyone by:

  • Content: Was it good?
  • Expertise: I want to learn from a real expert.
  • Perks: This is what separates courses from books or YouTube
  • Especially 1-on-1 time, because everyone gets stuck on something.
  • Cost: Everyone wants to save money

So without further adieu here is my list:

2020’s Best Real Estate Investing Courses

I don’t like wasting time so I’m starting with the best:

2020’s Winner!!!

Spark Rental – FIRE from Real Estate


Content: Lots of content for the money! A lot of people will sell you a little course just for a specific topic. But these guys go through everything you would need, from homeless newb to real estate empire.

Four special lessons (with videos) on each of these topics:

  • Building up the money to start investing in real estate
  • How to actually buy a good house and make money
  • Properly scaling up a large portfolio
  • Using the money to even stop working

The content was AMAZING!

I had one beef with it. They recommend going really aggressively into real estate which I wouldn’t do. But the content and information is top-notch!

Expertise: OK this was impressive. Usually, people who make these courses are investors like me. 

Brian and Deni are investors too but one used to work professionally in real estate loans and the other was professionally a real estate property manager so they have some really impressive knowledge.

Definitely experts on all the most important parts of rentals (getting money through lending and managing tenants).

Perks: FIRE from Real Estate offers a lot of perks and that’s what sets them apart from everyone else. 

My personal fave is their special off-market house finder! It’s really impressive.

Outside of loads of teaching content you get:

  • Some special off-market housing database to find deals
  • Weekly group facetime for questions…forever!!!
  • Weekly 1-on-1 time for a year. That’s great to work on a personalized plan!
  • 1-hr with a specialty lawyer (that’s worth a lot, lawyers charge a lot of money!)

Pricing: Tonnes of perks, loads of content. Good price! 

It’s normally $1000 which I think is a great value. You can easily make hundreds of thousands on a good real estate investment so $1000 pays itself back pretty quickly.

But for now, I have a MEGA $500 off discount!

Click here for my MEGA discount!

2020 Edit: Since I’m a great guy and I’m recommending this course. I helped them out and did some favors just to get a super-duper discount for my readers. Normally my discount is for an $800 course but I temporarily negotiated a double discount for $500 off.

So click here to see the video webinar about the course with yours truly inside, and the mega discount! The button shows up near the end but you can fast forward 🙂

I will repeat: Temporarily you can get a $500 off discount which makes this a $1000 $500 course! Awesome!! Thanks Brian!

Coach Carson Courses

Content: The courses that you buy from Coach Carson are more bite-sized and a la carte. A few hours of video for around a hundred dollars. You pay for the exact topic you want to learn, which maybe is enough for most people. 

For what it’s worth Coach Carson also seems like a great guy.

Expertise: Coach Carson has obviously been through the wringer and owned lots of houses. All of the examples are first-hand and also cover extensive renovations he’s done and negotiations he’s been through. 

He doesn’t have insider knowledge and expertise like some of the other people on the list though. 

Perks: I didn’t really see perks that came with the Coach Carson courses. You watch the exclusive videos. These courses are the cheapest paid courses on the list so it makes sense that you don’t get quite the same perks.

Pricing: The exclusive video courses are all under $200 so you can’t really go wrong with a $200 expense. There is even a free video if you really want to save your money.

Roofstock Academy:


Roofstock is already a big name in rental properties. They are a huge property vendor, and they can offer you a course. What a package! Right?

Content: Roofstock Academy’s content is solid. It talks about how to buy a good house and how to scale up your operations to become a real estate tycoon. This course has the slickest design too. It’s very professional!

Expertise: The expertise at Roofstock is impressive as expected. It’s a huge company with great professional trainers. The number of deals the people involved in the courses are in the millions! Super impressive stuff!

Perks: The perks are good too! 

  • Some good 1-on-1 time. 
  • A personalized action plan
  • Some private members forums
  • They even have local meetups! That’s something only RoofStock can do.

The biggest perk of Roofstock Academy to me was that they return your money to you entirely if you buy 3 houses from them. 

This sounds like an awesome deal, but it’s a trap

I’ve never bought a house off of Roofstock because I’ve always found better deals

Even when I’m buying houses in a state I’ve never been to, I’ve always found better deals by finding a good realtor first.

I would figure I’ve saved about 12% per house by not buying through Roofstock so being forced to buy those houses to get my tuition money back is a losing deal.

Pricing: So the course is by far the most expensive. $1750. 

You get your money back but I think that’s a trick (as above).

And the content isn’t any better than my favorite (FIRE from Real Estate) so therefore paying twice as much doesn’t cut it.

Property hub free courses


Content: There are some nice videos, podcasts, and articles on the property hub website. The topics range from finding mortgage brokers to types of properties but really that’s not much better than you are going to find on my blog and maybe YouTube. It’s certainly not a nicely organized course.

Expertise: The people on these sites are people who have done some investing for sure. They are just that though. 

When you compare that to: Coach Carson who has done a lot of investing, or the SparkRental people have done a lot of investing and were industry insiders once upon a time, the expertise here seems under-par. 

Perks: None!

The videos are free so you can’t complain. No 1-on-1 feedback for sure. I hope you don’t have any questions!

Pricing: Free!

You get what you pay for. If you want something for free, read this blog and watch the property hub videos. You’ll learn a lot but you might make a mistake.

Worse yet, you might just never get around to taking action and making money. 

TL;DR: The best real estate investing courses

The obvious best real estate investing course was SparkRental for me. It simultaneously had the best content, best expertise, best perks. As a bonus, I did them some favors to get a sweet $200-off referral code (you’re welcome!), which makes the pricing absurdly great. 

I very much recommend checking them out or at least signing up for the info session on the other side of my link. 

And once you’re done checking these out, come back here to tell me what you’re looking for in a course, and learn what else you can do with FIRE and real estate investing.

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