PC Insiders Review – Yes It’s Worth It. ($25 bonus promo code inside.)

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I’d never thought I could be so patriotic, or that I’d actually pay for a points system, but I’m obsessed with my PC insiders subscription. Enough to write a full-on PC Insiders review

I get so much money back on things I’m already buying that I’m more than happy to pay the fee, but all the extra perks are what really seal the deal.

Before you get all confused on me, the PC insiders program is a points program available only in Canada, and it’s SO GOOD. (And if you’re wondering, PC stands for President’s Choice which is a line of products ranging from groceries to baby products to PC insiders collection household items.)

The PC Insiders promo code

If you already know you want the PC insiders, use this link to get the PC insiders promo code.

You’ll automatically get $25 in points (or 25000 points) when you sign up.

A look at the FIREescape family:

Our family spends $100-$200/week on groceries (We mostly shop at No Frills). Bear in mind, I have a baby, and I’m lumping in baby things like diapers. 

Here’s a look at some of our receipts and the points we get through our PC insiders subscription:

So I spent $146 and got $13 back in points!

Here’s another receipt:

I spent $110 and got $11 back in points! 

It’s pretty much the same story every single week, so at a minimum, I’ll get $500 – $1000 in PC points this year that I can spend towards my groceries. 

What the heck are PC optimum points?

Every 1000 points is a dollar you can spend at that store. That simple. Read on to learn how you get these points and other special features you get through PC insiders. 

PC insiders membership: The basics:

A PC insiders subscription costs $119 per year and comes with a whole slew of perks and benefits, but the main one is that you get 10% back on every single PC product

They also have weekly specials for bonus points. We’ll get to that soon. 

If you shop at Loblaw-owned stores like No Frills, Superstore, Shoppers Drugmart, Pharmaprix, etc. etc. etc. you’ll know that you’ll have no problem filling your fridge, your pantry, and every cupboard with PC products. 

But the best part is that it’s super easy to redeem your points at any of those stores (and not just on PC products.) The cashier will just say “you can redeem $20 today, would you like to do that?” and all you have to do is say “yes.” 

No weird forms to fill out. No weird products you have to settle on. It’s just like cash. 

Why you’ll love the PC insiders subscription:

You’ll earn A LOT of money on groceries (among other things.) 

Okay, so this is crazy. 

We somehow get 10-20% of our entire grocery bill back in points every single week which amounts to $500-$2000 per year. (So yeah, worth the $119 fee.) 

I think we just got 3% extra for spending over $100. 

Getting 10% off one brand of products doesn’t seem like much, but you get way more than that because:

  • You can get an extra $25 in points if you use my code when you sign up. 
  • Your PC insiders account is tied to your PC optimum account so you get some points for other stuff. 
  • They ALWAYS have crazy deals like get extra points if you spend over $100 or buy certain products. 
  • You even get points for things like gas and clothing.
  • Also the PC brand has everything from burgers to peanut butter to dishes. So if you wanted to – you could really maximize your return. 

Special PC Optimum offers

If you’ve ever been inside a Shoppers Drugmart, you’ve probably noticed placards with a bunch of numbers. Those are their insane redemption offers for PC insiders and optimum members. 

At least once a month, they have “events” where you can redeem $50 of points to get $65 of products – meaning you just get $15 off! (And that’s any product – not just PC.) Actually, they go as high as redeeming $200 of points to get $300 of products, but I’ve never needed that much stuff. 

Those are the days we buy diapers for the baby, tons and tons of coffee, all our vitamins, household products, and any “fun” groceries I wouldn’t normally buy. 

Honestly, just that one hack makes PC insiders worth it. You literally walk out feeling like you got a bonus on top of a bonus AND getting things FOR FREE that you’d normally pay for totally covers the cost of the membership. 

PC express: free grocery pickup anytime

I’m not always big on grocery pickup, but once in a while you want to order a few things and just have them ready for you without getting out of your car.

The annoying part though, is having to pay a fee for this service or having to spend some minimum amount. The extra-annoying part is when you’ve finished all your shopping and then there are no time slots. BOOO.

With PC insiders, you get PC express. That means free grocery pickup anytime AND you get access to priority time slots. Total VIP treatment. 

PC travel is SO good

Okay, so the idea of travel may be a bit of a bummer in 2021, but if you ever go anywhere, you still win out. Besides, PC travel offers competitive pricing and awesome customer service.

Here’s how it works:

You get 5% back in points on all PC travel bookings like car rentals, hotels, flights, and vacations. 

Five percent is A LOT. 

If you take any kind of trip this year, it will probably run up to at least $1000 – so you just got $50 back. If you do any travel for work, your membership just paid for itself! 

PC travel super-saved my butt during covid. 

Yep. their support line was super helpful and responsive when I had to cancel some flights due to covid, and actually helped me with a trip that wasn’t even booked through them. 

Other PC insiders club perks

Ever heard of Joe Fresh? 

(Neither have I, but my wife tells me all our kids’ clothes are from there… and some of mine too.) 

With PC insiders, you get free shipping on anything from Joe Fresh as well as Shoppers Drugmart with no minimum purchase. You also get 10% back in points on all Joe Fresh products. So this way, I get to make money off my kids’ cuteness. 

Box of goodies

This is just a nice touch. 

Last year they sent us a reusable cup, some napkins, and all the ingredients to make a fizzy lemonade. 

Not sure why they thought we’d need the pack of napkins, but I guess they knew we’d let our toddler make the recipe. That, or it was for the lemon-theme. 

Anyway, it was fun enough to spur my PC insiders review. 

cute, right?

Final thoughts on this PC insiders review. 

If you ever shop at Loblaw companies like No Frills, Superstore, and Shoppers Drugmart, your PC insiders fee will easily pay for itself. 

You get way more than just the 10% on PC products. Expect around 10% back on every grocery bill as well as:

  • Crazy redemption events where you get even more for your points
  • Awesome perks like free grocery pickup, a yearly gift, and free delivery from Joe Fresh and Shoppers
  • Unexpected bonus points on travel, clothing, and random weekly deals. 
  • Use this link to get $25 BONUS in points when you sign up.

FAQ on the PC insiders subscription:

Is the PC insiders subscription worth it?

The $119 fee for PC insiders is more than worth it for any family that shops at Loblaw stores like No Frills, Superstore, Shoppers Drugmart, Pharmaprix etc. You get 10% back in points on all PC products and Joe Fresh products, but there are also frequent deals giving you even more points – meaning you can get around 10% back of your whole grocery bill in points. You also get amazing perks like free grocery pickup, free delivery from Shoppers and Joe Fresh, and more. 

What is the PC insiders surprise gift?

The PC insiders surprise gift one year included a bamboo plastic reusable cup, and all the ingredients to make a fizzy lemonade. 

What is the PC Insiders program?

The PC insiders point gives you 10% back in points on all PC products and Joe Fresh products, but there are also frequent deals giving you even more points. You also get amazing perks like free grocery pickup, free delivery from Shoppers and Joe Fresh, and more. 

Is PC Travel good? 

PC Travel offers competitive prices on travel bookings like hotels, flights, car rentals, and vacations. However, they also offer outstanding customer service to their clients. PC insiders members get 5% back in points by booking through PC travel. 

What are the PC insiders benefits?

The main benefit is how much money you’ll get back on things you already buy. PC insiders members get 10% back in points on any PC product as well as Joe Fresh; frequent deals giving them even more points; free shipping from Joe Fresh and Shoppers Drugmart; 5% back in points on PC Travel bookings; free grocery pickup through PC express with priority time slots and a free yearly gift.

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