Best Online Jobs Even If You Have No Experience

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Let me tell you a secret. Most online jobs suck! Well, it’s not that the jobs are bad, it’s that the suggestions people make are NOT what you’re looking for. They either need some niche experience, or they need years of grind before you’ll see a single dollar. (“You should be a blogger, they said!”

That’s why today I want to cover the best online jobs you can take on if that’s your cup of tea. And even better I’m going out of my way to only recommend jobs that need NO special experience. 

Why Are Online Jobs So Popular All Of A Sudden?

Online jobs have always been popular for their flexibility for people who want to travel, be with their family, or live an atypical lifestyle. Really though online jobs can hit all the checkboxes if done right.

However, the world of work has been flipped upside down in the past few years and people who’ve always had a steady job, found themselves laid off, or those who loved the hustle and bustle of the office found themselves working alone behind a screen. 

Then while everyone is reflecting on their careers, picking up a few online jobs doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

What Skills Do You Need For Online Jobs?

I’m sure if you’re a highly skilled and experienced programmer you can just post “need work” on your LinkedIn and employers will just horde towards you. 

But if you’re not in that camp, you can still fare well. The most important thing is to offer real value to someone. For that you need to be:

  • Reliable – Your clients are hiring you for online jobs because they need something done. This project could be critical for their own revenue, and if you want a hope of keeping that client long term you need to be reliable. 
  • Organized – You’ll be working on several online jobs at once – often for different people. You need to organize your thoughts and your time to really deliver the best possible product. 
  • Adaptive – When it comes to providing services online, different clients may have completely different needs. You may think that just because something worked with one it will work with the other, but unless they’re asking for your consulting,  it’s better to be adaptive and follow their lead. 

How Do I Get High-Paying Online Jobs?

The best way to get a high-paying online job is to reach out to a business and offer your services

Sounds easy, right? 

The thing is, if you have literally zero experience, that plan is not very likely to work. 

So the next best thing is to sign up with a platform like Fiverr and get a few online jobs under your belt. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what businesses are actually looking for and can point to your past successes. 

Then, go back to step one and promote your new expertise directly to the businesses that need it. 

What’s The Downside To Online Jobs?

When it comes to online jobs, there are a few downsides. 

1 – You’re competing with people all over the world. 

So not only are there more people, they may also be perfectly happy with a much lower pay. 

That’s why it’s critical to set yourself ahead of the pack and focus on the value you bring. 

2 – No benefits and no stability. 

If you’re just getting into the workforce, the instability of online jobs may drive you nuts. You’re constantly looking for the next gig and you don’t have the cushy benefits that come with being a regular employee. 

3 – The fees 

If you’re looking for online jobs through a platform, you’ll likely be gouged with fees. It’s annoying. That’s why I recommend using those platforms to get your feet wet and build up your portfolio and then start reaching out to people who might need you. 

Best Online Jobs If You Have No Experience

Here are the top online jobs you can just dive into TODAY:

Freelance Writer 

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get into the online jobs market is to become a freelance writer. Is there a website or a blog you love to visit? There’s a chance they could use a helping hand!

And if you think your C in high school English disqualifies you, boy are you wrong. You’ll be a much bigger success if you were the class clown than if you were the president of the Shakespeare club. Writing for an online audience is much more fun and dynamic. But either way, I bet you’ll pick it up fast. 

Freelance writing is one of the best online jobs because you can choose your niche, write what you like about, and work when and where you feel like it. 

Once your work starts speaking for itself, you can charge more and more money. 

How to get into this online job:

If you’re completely new to this field, I’d recommend setting up a profile through something like Fiverr and applying for online writing jobs. I have to admit – the options will suck at first. But only do this until you’ve built up a reputation and understand what the online writing world really entails. 

Once you’ve got your writing style down pat, reach out to the blogs and websites you like and ask if they have any online jobs for freelance writers. Show them a few pieces of your own work, and offer a few titles you think would work. 

Skills you need for this online job:

  • Self-driven with good time management – You can’t wait for inspiration to strike. If you say you’ll deliver by Friday, you have to deliver by Friday.
  • Ability to follow instructions – Most websites have strong writing guidelines you’ll have to follow. Most of the time you can’t just wing it.
  • Adaptability – One outlet might want a sense of humor while another wants just the facts. You have to adapt fast
  • Multi-tasking – If you’ve committed to writing about gardening AND about economics, you have to hold both those thoughts in your head at the same time. That’s harder than it sounds. 


The need for an editor is lost on most people because they think grammar check can do it all for you. But the truth is, there’s a lot more that goes into publishing something online than just making sure it’s error-free. 

These tiny nuances will be all-too-apparent once you’ve had a few online jobs in writing. Like are the headings good? Are the paragraphs too long? Do the links work? Did it upload properly? Etc. etc. etc. 

How to get into this online job:

If you choose the writing route for your online job, set your sights on editing as a natural next step. 

Skills you need for this online job: 

  • Attention to detail – publishers tend to be very specific about what goes up on their website. You can’t let mistakes slip through the cracks. 

Social Media Manager 

Do you have a decent social media following? Are you good at posting pictures of your food, or quotes, or whatever people are into these days? 

Then you’re probably qualified to manage someone else’s social media accounts and get paid for it. 

Why does someone even need a social media manager anyway?

Social media is a behemoth in our daily lives and anyone whose livelihood depends on other people knows they need a social media presence. 

This online job could entail posting, responding to comments, and being otherwise visible online. It’s not just businesses selling something that need help with social media. Bloggers and even influencers who want to venture out to new platforms. 

Trouble is, most of us can’t dedicate the time or the focus, that’s why it’s an online job we’d happily award to someone who already likes being online. 

How to get into this online job:

You’re sure to come across social media manager online jobs on a site like Fiverr or even more traditional job boards, but you might be better off reaching out to a business directly with some ideas of how you could help them, your own success on social media and why you think it works. 

You can also learn some basics through a course and lead with specific suggestions and the impact it will make for the business. 

Upgrade to advertising

Once you’ve made it big as a social media manager, the next step would be to help those companies advertise online. Again, take a course, and combine it with your expertise on social media for even higher-paying online jobs.

Skills you need for this online job: 

  • Organized – if you use social media for your business, you can’t just log in and post whenever it strikes your fancy. You have to be systemized and organized. 
  • Adaptive – You’re mirroring someone’s voice and goals as their social media manager. This means you can’t get into twitter spats about which Godfather was better. 
  • Analytical – When it comes to social media, some things will take off and some will be duds. It’s your job to figure out what works and how to reproduce it. 

Graphic Designer 

You don’t have to be a natural artiste or a pro at Photoshop for this online job. A lot of small companies want help making social media posts and infographics, and there are easy and comprehensive web apps that let you do this. They might even already have a template. 

How to get into this online job:

So try picking up a few online jobs on Fiverr for graphic design, or reach out to your favorite websites or new companies asking if you could extend your services. 

Skills you need for this online job: 

  • Creative – People want to hire a pro so that their work stands out and makes an impact. Don’t aim to blend in with the herd. 

Consulting or Coaching

If you’ve ever been successful at anything you can lend your services to others and show them how to be a success too. 

There are coaches and consultants for literally everything from social media to time management, and it’s one of the best online jobs if you’re so passionate about what you do that you want to help other people do it. 

After some success, you can also package your coaching into a course and sell it online on something like Udemy

In fact, I’ve reviewed and recommended courses for real estate investing from other investors who were just passionate about helping. 

How to get into this online job:

It’s very rare that someone will have a “consultant wanted” online job posting, so this is something you have to do through networking and actively reaching out. 

Skills you need for this online job: 

  • Genuine passion – You have to love this topic so much you want to do it in your spare time. 
  • Great communication – You have to break things down to people. That’s why they need someone to help them. 
  • Self-promotion – Yep. You’ll have to do a lot of self-promotion for consistent work. 

Virtual Assistant 

I’ve already told you how awesome it is to have a virtual assistant. So… would you like to be one? 

Being a virtual assistant is one of the most needed online jobs because people with loaded schedules need help. They need help booking flights and dentist appointments, they need help formatting their presentations, they need help with a bunch of little things they don’t have time for. 

How to get into this online job:

There are full-on online job platforms like Virtual Staff Finder dedicated to matching virtual assistants to the people who need them. But I have a better plan for you.

If there’s an online personality you really like – be it a blogger, a YouTuber, or whatever else – reach out to them and ask if they need a virtual assistant. Seriously! They’re probably already desperate for one, but are mentally stuck thinking that no one gets them. They’ll think you’ve been sent from heaven itself if you offer your services. 

Skills you need for this online job: 

  • Responsive – There’s nothing worse than thinking that no one can do your work for you, going out on a limb, and then being proven right. 

Web Design 

If you’ve ever made a website, you probably hate the fact that you went through this mega learning curve only to never use it again. 

Solution? Reach out to small local businesses and offer to set them up online. Old tattoo parlor on your street? They need a website! Your dentist? Them too! 

Don’t let your skills rot! Put them to good use! 

Skills you need for this online job: 

  • Web design knowledge and willingness to work with a client.

Video Editing 

More and more people are making a name for themselves online. Usually through videos on YouTube and social media. And once you start doing this regularly, you want to outsource the online jobs like cutting it, adding captions, or uploading it. 

This doesn’t even require any skill – just a video editing app. 

Same thing goes for new podcasters. They made the recording, but then comes the  job of cutting and uploading. All of this can be done online from home, and it might even be fun! 

How to get into this online job:

There are likely online jobs for video and audio editing on sites like Fiverr, but again, I’d recommend reaching out to people who make videos online offering services like cutting, adding captions, uploading, and adding descriptions. 

Skills you need for this online job: 

  • Attention to detail – when someone’s working on their online presence, they don’t want half-assed work. 

Online Jobs TL;DR

  • There are lots of online jobs you can start with no experience
  • You might have to build up your reputation with online platforms like Fiverr, but in no time you can make a name for yourself
  • You’ll be better off by reaching out to clients directly and offering your services. 

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