Make $300 Fast! 19 Ways to Get Money with Minimal Effort

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Do you absolutely need $300 ASAP? Before you go breaking the piggy bank, you should know that there are super easy ways you can make $300 fast without investing anything. That money can help you:

  • Invest in your career advancement
  • Pay off high-interest loans
  • Start off your savings account

Here’s why I’m so sure that anyone can do this: to get to $300 in a month, you just have to make an extra $10 a day.

But I’m confident that you can make $300 sooner than you think because I won’t recommend crap that I know won’t work. Time wasters suck. And those who claim that these time-wasters can get you money fast don’t care about helping you. 

Usually, they’ll recommend you sign up for some random survey site that gives them huge commissions. Making money fast that way is as helpful as eating Mexican food before a colonoscopy. So really, they’re helping themselves make money fast while letting you toil away for nothing. That’s giving cute puppies chocolate-level evil.

Instead of wasting time on answering surveys that make you feel better off asking for spare change, try these ways to make $300 fast:

Option A. Sell yourself… literally

To all the haters who ever called you worthless, who’s laughing now? Prove them wrong by selling parts of yourself to medical science and get money for it. You can:

1 – Donate your sperm

Yep. we went for it right at the beginning. If you’re a dude, maybe you’re looking back and thinking about how much potential money you wasted during your teenage years. There’s no point crying over spilled… sperm. but you can start earning from it now. And there’s good money you can make off of it.

Did you know that you can earn as much as $1500/month if you donate twice a week? That comes at $187.5/session! With the right “motivation” during the session, you can complete your donation even quicker.

It’s also the most sustainable of all the ways to make $300 online. Unless there’s some freak accident, you’ll probably have sperm all your life.

2 – Sell your eggs

If you’re not a dude, then selling eggs would be the better option. And ladies, you have it good. Fortune said that each egg harvest starts at $5,000 in the United States.

The downside is the procedure is far more complicated than getting the liquid mana of life in a cup. You’ll have to undergo hormonal treatments and surgery. The entire process takes about three weeks, but the actual egg extraction can be completed in just 10 minutes.

3 – Sell your plasma

If the two options above are off the table, make a quick stop at your nearest plasma-getting company to sell your plasma.

It doesn’t pay as much (only $20 to $50 per visit and a maximum of twice a week), but at least you can play Candy Crush while you do it. They’ll have certain restrictions on who’s allowed to donate, so make sure to know them before you go in.

Option B. Sell your stuff

If you’d rather keep all your fluids to yourself, you can sell your stuff instead. And no, I don’t mean that you should have a full-on garage sale to make $300 fast. The key to spending as little time as possible with this is putting all the necessary details on your ad. You can try to:

4 – Sell the big stuff

Can’t sell your plasma? How about your plasma TV? Look for high-ticket items in the house like furniture and barely-used TVs that you don’t mind letting go of. And by high-ticket, I mean at least $300 because that’s your goal.

And doing this is fairly easy:

Step 1: Post an ad. Your choice where. 

Step 2: Repeat Step 1.

Step 3: Profit.

5 – Sell the small stuff in bulk

And by small stuff, I mean all low-value items that:

  • You haven’t used for a year because chances are you won’t use them again.
  • Have started to collect dust in the basement (Another sign of non-usage)
  • Are boxed below other small stuff you’re thinking of selling.

Think old tools, video games, and art craft supplies. Instead of getting rid of them once they’ve completed the transformation from thing to trash, you can make money off of them.

And you don’t have to sell one $10 item at a time. That would be exhausting! You can sell them as a set to make things easier. You can create this set based on:

  • What the items are. Group a few old shirts of the same size and sell them together.
  • Where or when they’re used. Transform that old flashlight, near-expiry first-aid items, and an old bag into an emergency kit.
  • What already comes as a set. Why exhaust yourself selling an old china set one plate at a time, right?

Packaging items instead of selling them one at a time makes it seem you’re selling high-ticket items. It becomes so much easier to get $300 while still getting rid of the small stuff.

Option C. Get rid of impulse buy temptations

Imagine making $300 fast… so fast that you spend zero time doing it.

If you’ve bought some non-essential thing in the last month, it’s time to reevaluate where your money is going. Maybe you’ve already made the cash, but it’s just going in the wrong places. Maybe it’s time to:

6 – Uninstall apps you use to buy stuff

Why apps? Because you really can’t uninstall a website. And it’s too convenient to use phones for everything… including spending serious money on some frivolous purchase.

Apps are designed to keep you coming back. You may be able to ignore it a few times, but you’ll come back eventually.

Online shopping is not evil, per se. After all, it makes it more convenient to get items you need without leaving the house. What you’ll only be doing by getting rid of the apps is visiting e-commerce sites on your own terms – not with constant intrusions through notifications.

7 – Reduce your time on social media

You can’t escape nice things. While scrolling your feed, you’ll see ads of what advertisers think will interest you. But let’s say that they get it all wrong. All you see are ads for a tattoo shop when you’re actually afraid of needles… Are you safe from making impulse purchases?

Quick answer: you’re never safe from impulse buying temptations for as long as you’re on social media. 

Nope. You’ll still see the wonderful social media-curated life of your friends going on vacation, eating out at a nice restaurant, and doing stuff that costs a lot of money. That’s like putting a giant steak in front of you when you’re on a diet.

So spend less time looking at what other people are up to, and live life. If you want to be entertained by photos and videos and make money at the same time, go back to the first item on the list.

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Option D. Look for short-term employment

If you have an in-demand skill, this is a great way to make $300 fast. You won’t have a hard time looking for extra work, so you can get the cash right away. And in looking for short-term employment, you can:

8 – Call labor hire agencies for help

Don’t know where to look for work? Get the help of someone who could. It takes the effort off of you in looking for jobs that match your skills.

The catch here is they may get a cut of your pay. Make sure to find out just how much before you accept a job from them. Depending on the rate offered and their cut, it may not be worth it.

9 – Let your network know you’re looking for extra work

You may not have to look too hard to get extra work. Your friends, family, and colleagues are a valuable source of potential work (and money).

But for me, the best way to get extra work is through your colleagues because:

  • The odds that they know someone who can offer you extra work is higher since you’re already in the same industry.
  • They can give a potential employer a professional recommendation.
  • Friends and family tend to ask for discounts which is fine if you’re out of options.

The important thing is to speak up and let them know that you need work on the side… just like how a fast-food cashier won’t know you want fries with that if you just stand there like a weirdo.

Option E. Get more out of your job

If you don’t want to get another job, the other option is to get more money out of the one you already have. I don’t usually advocate for extra hours (remember, FIRE isn’t about money, it’s about TIME) but I also know that sometimes you need to put in the hours upfront to reap the rewards.

10 – Convince your boss to give you some serious overtime

Get this: Anyone earning less than $35,568 will be eligible for overtime pay of at least 150% of the hourly wage.

Given how pricey it would be for employers to give overtime, they’d ask why you’d want those extra hours. And if you want your overtime approved, you better come up with a good reason.

And no, saying you need more money probably won’t work unless you’re golf buddies with your boss or you have some juicy information you can blackmail them with.

I’d suggest that you offer to take on a whole extra project as a bonus for giving you overtime.

What will you be doing on your overtime? Probably just that extra project. So really, it’s not much of a bonus than just doing extra work because you have more hours.

11 – Get into the consulting business

If you consider yourself opinionated, becoming a consultant may be your chance to get paid for it without guesting on a talk show. 

Companies are willing to pay serious money to an expert who can solve their problems. So with the right credentials, you can land a consulting gig or even make it into another source of income.

Option F. Let a stalker in

If you’ve watched a few movies with a stalker antagonist, you know that it usually doesn’t end well for someone. But did you know that you can make money online by having an invisible Big Brother watching you?

And it’s easy! You’d just:

12 – Share your internet activity

If you don’t want anyone to know that you’re a devout Pastafarian (a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster), you probably want to skip this one.

Otherwise, Nielsen can pay you to install a software on your mobile phone or computer which will allow them to see what you search on the internet.

And you won’t even know it’s there! It’s totally non-intrusive, so you can just go about your business as usual.

13 – Let Smart App see how you use your devices

Does your phone have features that you think are completely useless? You can join the Smart App to make your insights matter and earn money at the same time.

Currently, you can earn money from them by:

  • Having Smart App installed. So basically, by doing nothing. You earn $5/month plus quarterly loyalty bonuses.
  • Answering surveys. Chances are their surveys suck too. But at least you have the choice not to do it.
  • Winning giveaways. You automatically join the monthly giveaway just for keeping your devices connected.

Option G. Advertise

If you don’t have anything to sell or aren’t ready to kiss your 20-year old lunchbox goodbye, this is the next best thing because you don’t need any actual product to make money.

14 – Post ads for someone else’s products

Do you consider yourself a smooth talker? Then, perhaps you can smooth talk your way into closing deals. What you’re going to be doing is help others sell their stuff.

Let’s say your friend is trying to sell their car but is too busy to deal with potential buyers. You can offer to help for a percentage of the sale. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to your circle.

There are a lot of companies that are always looking for affiliates to sell their digital products. In fact, a lot of people already make money online (and serious money at that!) without having an actual product.

To increase your odds of success as an affiliate, choose the product you want to advertise based on what relates most to you and the commission rate.

15 – Place ads on your car

Buses put crazy-big ads on their sides all the time. Why shouldn’t you?

Referral Cars can help make $300 fast by just sticking decals on the side of your car. Plus, you don’t have to worry about damaging your car because they use perforated decals that won’t leave a mark on your car.

Option H. Reduce your spending

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m not a budgeting kind of guy. Because why do that when you can increase your income instead?

Making $300 is pretty easy, so you don’t have it for long. Just until you hit your goal, you can try the two methods below:

16 – Buy cheap

Have you been spending a lot on fancy brands? Those things add up, you know. Companies budget millions on branding, so who knows? Maybe that’s all that you’re paying for. And the bigger you spend every month, the bigger the potential to save money.

If quality is important to you, start with items where the brand is literally nothing more than a name like with:

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Meat
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

But apart from keeping more money to yourself, you can use this as an opportunity to discover cheaper brands that are just as good (or even better) than what you’re used to. 

17 – Live cheap

Living cheap is a great way to shave off $300 from your budget.

But don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean letting go of all worldly pleasures because you’re not a monk looking for financial advice online. It means living with the bare minimum THEN increasing your spending on stuff that actually matters to you.

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This is also great practice if you want to get out of the rat race and retire early because the smaller you need per month to live, the sooner you can retire.

Option I. Pay attention to interest payments

Particularly, look at the interest rates. Do you think you could do better?

If you’ve successfully improved your credit for the past year, don’t wait for your creditor to offer you better rates. Like you, they also like money so that’s not likely to happen.

To reap the benefits of having a great credit score, then you can’t wait for someone to just hand it to you. You can try to:

18 – Refinance your mortgage loan

Did you know that you can get an average of $297/month by refinancing your mortgage loan right now?

Let’s say you have 10 years left off your mortgage. Even with just $297 off your original monthly payment, you’re actually saving $35,640 by getting a better interest rate.

And this is the best time to do it. Rates are already 0.75% lower than they were at the start of the year. If you haven’t tried to refinance your mortgage already, you’re leaving serious money on the table.

The same goes for student loans. You can get a $700 cash bonus by refinancing.

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19 – Consolidate your debts

If you’ve accumulated a lot of debts over the years, debt consolidation is a great, not-so-secret way to save cash and make $300 fast.

Say, you have 3 credit cards where you owe a total of $20000 at a rate of 23% compounded monthly. To pay everything off in 24 months, you’ll have to pay around $1050/month.

Ouch. That would definitely dent your I’m-sad-today-I-need-something-to-make-me-feel-better budget.

What a lot of people don’t know is you can negotiate a lump sum payment with your lenders so you don’t pay the whole $20000.

For example, you have $10000-$15000 right now. In exchange for paying everything now, they’d give you a huge discount on what you owe.

BUT there are three problems with doing this.

BUT #1. You’re reading an article about making $300 fast, so you probably don’t have that kind of cash lying around.

BUT #2. You can invest that wad of cash in much better things. Even if you have that money, there are higher-yielding investments that you can go into instead.

BUT #3. You aren’t the best negotiator. And if your future financial freedom’s being held hostage by lenders, you’d want an expert to do the negotiating for you.

That’s where debt consolidation comes in.

They negotiate with your lenders on your behalf AND pay the debts you want to consolidate. Then, they give you a way better rate on your debts so you still save thousands of dollars even if you can’t afford the lumpsum payment.

Let’s go back to that $20000 debt. If they can bring down your consolidated loan rate to 12%, your monthly payment goes down to $932 or a total saving of nearly $2400.

And all it takes to get this sweet deal? Just an hour tops of applying for debt consolidation and filling out forms.

Making $300 is easier than you think!

A lot of the methods barely take any time and can yield you thousands of dollars per month. So you can realistically make $300 in a week.

The challenge now for you is this: use this money wisely to reach your bigger financial goals. 

How can I make $300 a day?

To make $300 fast, your best bet is to pay attention to interest rates. The potential earning is way higher than other items on the list. Becoming a consultant is also great if you’re well-connected in the industry because you can ask for upfront payment.

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