Yes, You Need A Lazy Weekend. Here are 7 Things I’ll be Doing This Saturday

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When you’re used to a life of deadlines, meetings, and endless business travel, the thought of a lazy weekend might seem like a complete waste of time. But come on, realistically speaking, who on earth can be productive EVERY SINGLE DAY for 12 months?! 

If you’re a high achiever or are extremely passionate about the work you do, then moments of being “unproductive” might scare you. But they shouldn’t (unless you’re having lazy days every other day – then it’s a serious problem. You should get that checked out).

You should rather regard those moments as time away to refuel and better prepare for the demands of your busy life. 

I get it, we live in a society that sees constant busyness as a good thing, you know, people romanticize late nights and stuff, but you risk spreading yourself too thin and reaching a point of burnout. This is exactly why you might need a lazy weekend (or at least a lazy Saturday.)

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Do you really need a lazy weekend?

The short and sweet answer is yes, absolutely! Sometimes, “being lazy” and doing nothing at all is what will leave you feeling ready to tackle your to-do lists. In fact, you might even get through them in half the time because you’ll be refreshed.

Things to do on a lazy weekend

What you decide to do on a lazy weekend is entirely up to you. It depends on the things you find exciting and that put you at ease. If you’re not quite sure what to get up to on a lazy Saturday, have a look at the list below.

1. Disconnect from anything work-related

If you have a dedicated work phone, switch it off. Unplug your pc or laptop and avoid anything work-related. The best way to disconnect from anything work-related is by turning off your notifications. 

When you’re so used to responding to emails immediately or answering that text from a client or colleague at whatever time of the day or night, you’ll find yourself doing that even on a lazy weekend. It’s a trap, don’t do it. Be mindful of this and make sure that you avoid it to truly make the most of your lazy weekend.

leif kristjansen - office space

2. Sleep in

This may be a difficult one to do on your lazy Saturday, simply because your body clock has probably become used to waking up at a certain time. But there’s no harm in trying. Turn off all your alarms, and if you can, change to block out curtains for your lazy weekend to keep the sun out so you can sleep just a bit longer. 

3. Go for a walk or jog

I know, I know. If you’re not the world’s fittest or athletic person, then this might seem like more of a punishment than anything, but hear me out. Going for a walk or jog can do wonders for both your mental and physical state. 

“Jogging is very beneficial. It’s good for your legs and your feet. It’s also very good for the ground. It makes it feel needed.”

Charles Schulz

4. Enjoy some of your favorite sports

Somewhere between all the team meetings and parenting, you’re supposed to fit in some of the things you enjoy, but that’s not always possible. So, your lazy weekend is the perfect time to do so. If you enjoy a good game of golf or football, then arrange this with your friends and let the games begin.

Or you could opt to just watch your favorite sports on TV and catch up on any games you might’ve missed.

5. Play a video game

I have a friend who fits this into his schedule every other weekend. For him, it’s a great way to spend quality time with his son before he reaches his teen years and starts thinking he’s too cool to hang out with his old man. 

6. Grab a drink with close friends

Very few things clear your mind like spending some time with your closest friends. The trick here is finding a day and time that works for all of you, now that’s a tough one. If you can find a way to coordinate your schedules and set aside a few hours to catch up, good on you!

7. Just ignore things that don’t matter

This one can be easier said than done. But at the end of the day, this is exactly what a lazy Saturday or weekend is about – ignoring pretty much anything and everything that stresses you out. It’s about ignoring the non-essentials and only being bothered with things that actually matter. 

How’s that for a lazy weekend? (Or at least a lazy Saturday?)

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