How to Invest: At every wealth level + 2 HUGE myths!

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The world of investing can be a tricky place so I want to give you a nice concrete guide on how to invest based on your current wealth level.

There are 2 BIG reasons I want to make a guide:

1 – A lot of people think they know how to invest already. 

They read an article and it told them how to invest in index funds or bonds or whatever and that’s the plan forever. 

But that’s not how it works and there is a HUGE mistake people make. 

They base their investing strategy on the CURRENT method that some millionaire uses. 

There is an issue here. The millionaire is wealthy. If you are not, you shouldn’t copy them. In fact, if you copy a wealthy person when you are poor you are going to be holding yourself back.


A simple example: When you have no savings, trying to improve your annual stock returns is worthless. You should focus elsewhere. On the other hand when you have $3M. It really matters.

They have different goals than you should because they are ALREADY wealthy. You need to build your wealth. The same goes for a millionaire looking at a deca-millionaire. The goals and strategies are different and you have to know where you are.

I started at the bottom and worked through the milestones and saw how they changed first-hand. 

People’s misconceptions of this have always bothered me and I am really motivated to show people how to invest for where they are now. Also by making a series of these how-to’s someone can follow them the whole way through poor to multi-millionaire status with simple guidance.

2 – “Investing” usually makes people think of the stock market or real-estate. 

Those are only tiny parts of what you should be looking at when you try to improve your financial position. 

Like above, the sectors and thought processes you have when you are poor should be completely different than when you are wealthy. 

The surprising part is that those sectors are sometimes not what you would be expecting. Investing is about maximizing your returns and the ways you do that are odd at times.

Simple example: When you are wealthy, some things you once avoided due to price will be rounding errors in your annual roll-up. So now they are worth doing, like hiring an assistant for instance. Most rich people have assistants but they got rich by saving money not having an assistant first. 

So enjoy! 

(And by the way, if you’re wondering how to even reach millionaire status, check out my millionaire in 5 years guide with a spiffy worksheet!)

I recommend you start at the bottom and work your way up but I did write all the sections so you could find your current net worth and just dive in. 

How to invest:
How to invest $1000 <- This is where I started long ago
How to invest $10,000
How to invest $50,000
How to invest $100,000
How to invest $1,000,000
How to invest $3,000,000  <- I should be here soon
How to invest $5,000,000
How to invest $10,000,000 <- I think I’ll end up here?

And bonus investing articles:

Should I invest a million dollars for guaranteed income?

Socially Responsible Investing. How to ride the wave.

Finally to give the big picture in a snapshot I made this beautiful graphic.


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