You need FIRE to have FREEDOM. Prove Me Wrong. 

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Freedom is certainly a big topic. Especially in North America. I love it. You love it. We love it. But most of us are missing a very important ingredient in freedom. Money freedom. 

When people talk about freedom, they’re often talking about rights. Like freedom of speech rights, non-discrimination rights, gun rights, freedom of religion rights, everything rights! 

All of those things are important and all of those things are based in some heavy history. I don’t want to take away from that. BUT. In order to truly take advantage of your rights and your freedoms you need… 

Money Freedom

I’ve always been surprised by people who are passionate about freedom and passion-less about money. If you don’t have money, you can’t do what you want. Period. 

Want to enjoy your day-to-day life like going out to do something fun? Nope! Sick of dealing with your day-to-day and want to get away and travel? Forget about it! Need to take a few days to clear your head and just hike in the woods and stuff? That’s fine… but you have to ask your boss’s permission. 

Sounds like a bad time. You really can’t consider yourself free if you’re beholden to your bank account, or even beholden to a job. Even if you’re your own boss – if there’s a customer somewhere out there that you have to answer to – you’re not free. 

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Why Money Freedom is the Ultimate Freedom

This will land somewhere between tone-deaf and overly capitalistic, but hear me out. Having money affords you all the other freedoms in life. And it doesn’t have to be an insane amount of money either – just the right amount for your needs. 

Think about it, if you’re wealthy you don’t need to worry about work. I mean… you can still work, but you don’t need to worry about it. 

It’s also easier to live a healthy lifestyle when you’re financially set. That’s worth something. 

And let’s not get started that rich people get away with literal crimes. Not that I’d ever advocate for that. (Except that one time in high school when I drank underage… but I wasn’t even wealthy yet.) 

Oh and if you feel that any freedom of yours is not being respected in some way – you always have the freedom to move elsewhere. Money does that. 

So How Do You Get Money Freedom? 

Well, first off you have to be motivated. Then, the best way to chase money freedom is to chase FIRE. 

That means having enough monthly income through investments that you don’t have to worry about a job. 

You’re still allowed to keep your job if you want it, but not caring about losing it is the ultimate freedom. 

You’ll never have to worry about “getting permission” to do something for yourself. What are they going to do? Fire you? Who cares! Even better, if you gain your freedom but still earn a little on the side by working part-time (aka virtual retirement work) you will be completely financially invincible or even in a position to help others in some financial Dark Knight scenario. 

I don’t even know what that means but I’m sure your first taste of FIRE will get you there. Or you can just take a vacation with your family National Lampoon style. Whatever floats your boat.

The Best Way to Take Charge of your Money

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Mr. FYFE's Top Tips to get into Financial Shape

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