Early retirement through real estate investing. I was interviewed…a few times!

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I am happy to announce that apparently I am a cool dude! In the past few months a few publications have chased me down for interviews about early retirement through real estate investing! I’m awfully proud of it. (Hey ma, look at me!). Impact-Site-Verification: -1183420247

My wife thinks I look good as an old lady in this picture (source)

This isn’t me just patting myself on the back though (ok…a little bit), these interviews offer a different perspective than my own of how I got to where I am now. Plus, these articles are already written…most of mine are still in the “brainstorm” stage.

I love this new project – the blog – but there’s so much I want to cover and getting all your thoughts down into a coherent bundle of words is harder than I thought. I started this blog to help my fellow escapees transition to a better life, and man am I delighted to discover that much better writers want to help me spread the word.

So to help you out in learning how to join me on the FIRE escape I present you with me being interviewed about early retirement with real estate written by actual writers. (And in my unbiased opinion, I’d like to declare that these are great.)

INC. Magazine – March/April 2019 Issue – Early retirement isn’t the end of working

This was a fun one. I was interviewed for an article about people who turn into entrepreneurs after early retirement. Post-retire-preneurs?!?

I fit into this because I’m a techy guy who has some creations I am bringing to life now that I don’t need to spend most of my time working a day job. I also still have some goals to achieve which I can focus on now that I don’t have to worry about getting a paycheck.

To be honest I am spending more time writing these days than I planned to but I am doing some research to figure out how to pursue my techie dreams.

The issue isn’t actually out yet so hopefully its nice 🙂

Early Retirement through Real Estate – Why and how I started with rentals

Brian Davis over at Spark rental walked through rental houses with me and we talked about why I feel like rentals are the best way to get to early retirement if you can mentally handle them.

The quick rundown in case you are interested:

  1. The people over at www.Sparkrental.com like rentals…go figure!
  2. Brian, the writer, was actually spending a lot of time living in Dubai so he’s already living a pretty interesting lifestyle himself.
  3. We walked through my first rental home purchase and the strong emotions involved.
  4. Next, how to scale up the operation from one home to many without losing your mind.
  5. Also, some of the rental home tips I have learned along the way by making some mistakes.

If you are into real estate, Spark Rentals is loaded with a lot of great content so check them out.

Why saving is critical to financial independence

Daniel Caughill is a writer for Value Penguin and he was really interested in how much I spend every month. His take on early retirement was that even though I got to early retirement through real estate you very much have to get your saving under control to succeed. If you’ve read my stuff, you know that I’m 100% with him on this, so surprise-surprise we had a lot to talk about.

What else?

  1. He was interested by my obsession with rental houses. So obviously you get to read about that.
  2. I was impressed with his questions – he really got into specifics of exactly how much money I spend every month and how I cut costs on the journey to early retirement.
  3. He forced me to write out all my spending for a few months so he could analyze and summarize it. (Very much not my favorite thing to do, but now I get to share it with you.)

Totally recommend reading this feature and everything else by Daniel.

How early retirement through real estate has affected my family life (for the better)

The people over at Mars & Stars baby had a special interest in early retirement not because of wanting glory or hating working. There they particularly cared about how it affected my family life.

Being with my family was a huge driving force for my foray into financial independence. I started the journey before I had kids but once I gained a few I certainly become a lot more committed and it has been more or less what I had yearned for.

The summary is my family life is better, but in some ways I didn’t expect.

Mars & Stars is all about babies so if you have some check them out!


People chased me down for interviews about early retirement through real estate investing and I recommend you read the attached articles for a snapshot of how I got to early retirement from other writers’ points of view.

See you on the FIRE escape.

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