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Frugal Living: Everyone does it WRONG

EVERYONE should partake in ultra frugal living for a little bit of their life. I bet you were expecting an article about how to live cheap without feeling like a cheapo. Nope. Embrace it! Just for a while and reap … Read More


Save Money on Food: Plus Save Time Deliciously

Do you know you can save money on food by cooking at home? Yes! Did you know you can save time too?!? Oh yeah! The allure of eating out is an illusion, and I’ve never figured out how restaurants trick … Read More

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How to save money FAST! 3 Tricks above $1000/hr

Saving money a little bit at a time sucks. Today, you will learn how to save money fast. Really fast! At least $1000/hr, usually, peaking at almost $10,000/hr! A penny saved is a penny earned. Did your grandparents ever say … Read More

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Gym daycare magic – A mom’s point of view

When you think of stay-at-home parents do you think of gym daycare? No?!? Well, you should! Perhaps you think of a sweet little mom who has endless snacks and activities for her impossibly well-rounded, well-behaved kids? Or is it a … Read More

Budget free saving and motivation - Use your lightning rod everywhere

Money motivation & being the LeBron of FIRE

What’s the main difference between you and LeBron? Motivation. Other stuff too but definitely motivation. LeBron is motivated to crush at basketball so he works hard at it. We need that motivation to get where we are going too. Specifically, … Read More