Should I buy a house now?

“Should I buy a house now?” Those are the tormented words of one of my buddies who’s been on the fence longer than Humpty Dumpty. And you guys know what happened to him. So if you’ve found yourself asking the … Read More


To Rent Or Own: An Odd Tale Of Buyer’s Remorse

Is buying a house REALLY the investment eva? Should I rent or own? What if I’m renting, am I screwed for life? What if I don’t really want a house right now anyway? To answer these questions I turned to … Read More

sandwich lease

Sandwich lease: It’s a stupid idea. Here’s why

“Hey, what do you think of setting up a sandwich lease? My friends want to go into real estate this way. Have you tried this?” — A question I got from a reader a few days ago.  Well, actually, I’ve … Read More

pay mortgage early - big number

Should you skip mortgage payments if you don’t have to?

Should people skip mortgage payments even if they can pay them?  One thought that I’ve been toying with during COVID-2020 is whether or not I should take advantage of the banks’ “generosity” and skip mortgage payments.  Truth be told I … Read More