sandwich lease

Sandwich lease: It’s a stupid idea. Here’s why

“Hey, what do you think of setting up a sandwich lease? My friends want to go into real estate this way. Have you tried this?” — A question I got from a reader a few days ago.  Well, actually, I’ve … Read More

pay mortgage early - big number

Should you skip mortgage payments if you don’t have to?

Should people skip mortgage payments even if they can pay them?  One thought that I’ve been toying with during COVID-2020 is whether or not I should take advantage of the banks’ “generosity” and skip mortgage payments.  Truth be told I … Read More


Stop! Low-income housing usually fails! Solve it!

Low-income housing is a bit of a trap in the world of real estate investing. Before investing in a low-income house. STOP! Most people fail horribly at it but today I will show you why and how to actually make … Read More


2022’s Best Property Management Software for <20 Units

Want to know the best thing to happen to the rental real estate industry since the mortgage? It’s software. But very recently it actually became good for small-scale real estate investors (<20 units). So today we will guide you to … Read More