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Refinance your home in 2022? Follow this 15-minute guide

Million Dollar Question of 2020. Should you refinance your home?  The answer is probably, but with a few notable exceptions.  If you own a home, your mortgage is certainly your biggest expense and liability. I owned 8 houses, which has … Read More

house buying guide

Mr. FIREescape’s Guide to Buying Houses

Ah, real estate investing. What an exciting world that can make an average Joe into a Mr. FIREescape. BUT. Buying a house is not as simple as buying a stock or two. The returns can be huge, but only if … Read More


Should I buy a house now?

“Should I buy a house now?” Those are the tormented words of one of my buddies who’s been on the fence longer than Humpty Dumpty. And you guys know what happened to him. So if you’ve found yourself asking the … Read More