Stop! Low-income housing usually fails! Solve it!

Low-income housing is a bit of a trap in the world of real estate investing. Before investing in a low-income house. STOP! Most people fail horribly at it but today I will show you why and how to actually make … Read More


2022’s Best Property Management Software for <20 Units

Want to know the best thing to happen to the rental real estate industry since the mortgage? It’s software. But very recently it actually became good for small-scale real estate investors (<20 units). So today we will guide you to … Read More

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How to save money FAST! 3 Tricks above $1000/hr

Saving money a little bit at a time sucks. Today, you will learn how to save money fast. Really fast! At least $1000/hr, usually, peaking at almost $10,000/hr! A penny saved is a penny earned. Did your grandparents ever say … Read More

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Retirement Jobs: The SINGLE BEST job by far!

I have a dirty little secret about my early retirement. I still work and I love having a retirement job. *Gasp* Actually, it’s even worse than that… I never (permanently) quit my old job and it has helped make my … Read More

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Asset Allocation for Early Retirement? With Real Estate

Investing in the stock market is fun and all but investing in order to retire feels like a whole other sport. Even more, once you are retired, everything feels like some sort of parkour challenge. Difficult, and dangerous. If it … Read More