10 Subreddits For Men: Fashion, Finance, Mindset – The Best Reddit Threads For Guys

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Everyone has their vice, and I’m about to share mine. Reddit. And while there are a lot of people who don’t know anything sharing their wisdom online, I think I’ve distilled down the best subreddits for men.

Reddit has everything. it’s like a real-life library of people’s experiences. Everything is organized and sorted. I view it like having an online team of assistants that crunch through all the noise and guarantee everything you read is applicable.

When you find the best Reddit threads for guys, everything you’re interested in is perfectly curated just for you – for free. Fashion, finance, productivity… you name it, Reddit’s got it.

By the way, why am I convinced these are the best subreddits for men? I think they’re good for everyone, but I’m a dude and I could read through these subreddits for hours, whereas my wife’s eyes glaze over the second she sees that happy little robot face. That’s about it.

The 10 Best Subreddits For Men

Finance and Investment Subreddits

1. r/frugalmalefashion

This has to be one of the best men’s fashion subreddits. Because frugal men’s fashion is the best type of men’s fashion.

We all love a great deal, don’t we? Especially when it’s about fashion and clothes. I’m not gonna lie, getting dressed all fancy can be expensive. But with the help of this community, you won’t have to buy expensive clothes anymore.

PS – I happen to have my own version: Frugal Male Fashion – 11 Ways to Look Good and Spend Less on Clothing (With Examples)

r/Frugalmalefasion is the place for all kinds of deals. Discounts, sales and everything else related to clothes and accessories. It’s worth watching if you have issues being overly spendy on your clothes.

I mean I found an Armani jacket almost 50% off in the first 2 minutes of browsing so I’m positive you’ll find a good deal as well. I didn’t buy it…but it was 50% off!

Other than coupons and sales, people there also give fashion advice and show their style. There are 2.5m members. I’m sure you’ll find something interesting.

2. r/financialindependence

This subreddit is particularly interesting to me… and to you since you’re reading this. It’s me basically but a Reddit thread.

The whole subreddit is dedicated to financial independence largely for retiring early. AKA FIRE!

Even though you won’t get content in the form of articles as you do here, you will get many stories of people that have already achieved what you’re trying to achieve or people that are currently trying.

Can’t stress this enough but hearing other people’s stories is helpful. Especially when they break down everything they’ve done and even mention numbers. You will find a lot of those stories in r/financialindependence. I had a path but maybe someone there might be a closer match to you.

3. r/FatFire

Very similar to the previous one, this subreddit is all about FIRE. But a special form. FatFIRE which is where you don’t attempt to live a frugal life, but do attempt to retire early (defined as >$100K annual spending post-retirement). 

It’s actually broken down into categories in order to find what you want easier. For example, if you’re a beginner, you should post in the Mentor Monday threads. There are also separate categories for taxes, FIRE lifestyle, the path to get there, inheritance and more.

Yeah, there are people that will write and help you even with your taxes. For free! You’ll also get tons of advice from people that have already made it.

Believe me, with 255,000 members, you will find a solution to your problem or query.

4. r/BogleHeads

Interested in the best investment subreddits? First of all, the Reddit thread’s name comes from Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard. Every member of that community stands for the same thing. Lazy long-term investments. Indexes for example.

They are passive income enthusiasts and they follow Bogle’s message. Diversify and let compounding grow your wealth with minimal effort.

If you’re like me and you love this type of investing, you’ll find this subreddit extremely interesting. 

These guys have a big list of guides and informative videos for you to watch in order to become a real and active “boglehead”.

Personally, I wouldn’t think twice about joining this community. It’s about Jack Bogle! 

5. r/personalfinance

This is probably the biggest financial subreddit out there. Or at least one of the biggest ones. It has more than 15 million members. So it’s a bit of drinking from a fire hose but there is usually a pretty interesting story at the top of the feed.

As the title implies, this subreddit is all about personal finance. That includes investing, debt, retirement planning, and a bunch of other valuable things.

People post about their problems and everyone else is trying to help with what they know.

Self Improvement Reddit Threads

6. r/Selfimprovement

If you have plenty of time, visit this is one of the best Reddit pages for guys! I visited just to check what’s up and ended up reading different stories for about 2 hours…

If you think you’re in a bad place, this subreddit will change your mind. I don’t want to be negative but people in there are going through very difficult times. 

The good with all this? Every single one of the community members is positive and only wants to help. And they don’t even know who you are…

If you want to improve in any way, whether that’s motivation or psychological issues, this group of people will help you accomplish it.

Just don’t be embarrassed about your story or condition. Post about it and the responses might just surprise you.

Generally speaking, these kinds of subreddits for men are really really useful in creating your mindset. So if you’re after that, make sure to become a member.

7. r/zenhabits

I feel like 1 self-growth subreddit is not enough so here’s another one. 

r/zenhabits is all about self-growth and positive vibes. It’s actually private and your posts must be positive in order to get uploaded.

Yeah, it’s a positive-vibes-zone-only.

Here’s an interesting fact: This subreddit’s community uploads many videos. Interesting videos that will both educate and entertain you.

Another thing I noticed is that they make some weirdly high-quality and in-depth posts. Maybe it’s the positive vibes.

Mindset Reddit Pages For Guys

8. r/howtonotgiveaf**k

Take my word for it… you’ll laugh a lot while browsing here, which is why it’s one of the best subreddits for men. Not giving a **** is not just a phrase. 

As the moderators say… It’s a problem-free philosophy, which makes it one of the best subreddits for men.

Amongst thousands of memes and other funny quotes, you’ll find useful advice from people that have achieved something very important… not giving a damn.

Try to understand the deep meaning of the saying though. We shouldn’t care about what others say or think unless we want to. If we do, we stop living for ourselves and start living for everybody else. Controlling it is quite powerful. 

9. r/productivity

Following any “lazy” week, I can say that this subreddit can help me get back on track.

Are you procrastinating? Do you want to start something bigger but never do it? What you need is a bit of productivity. And with this subreddit, you’ll get as much as you want.

People there talk about tips, advice, tricks, and anything that might get you motivated. Do you have a question about anything related? They have a separate tag for that as well.

They even give out techniques and strategies that you couldn’t possibly find somewhere else on the internet.

I like the distilled and focused techniques that I pitch on the site but there are more methods than I could ever write down all by myself, so try them out.

10. r/frugal

Okay, you know that I’m a frugal living master, so these are my people, and why I think it’s one of the best subreddits for men or women. Absolute frugality in here! just finished reading a post about someone that saves rainwater! And they think it’s normal.

They have different categories for clothes/shoes, food, pets, DIYs, and a general discussion category.

You can give advice or just listen to people bragging about how they fixed their own radio without spending any money. 

Both work!

There’s not much to say here. If you’re into frugal life, this is one of the best Reddit pages for guys where you can speak with like-minded people and take or give frugal advice. Most of it isn’t really my cup of tequila but it’s a fun read!

TL;DR – Best Subreddits For Men

Even though Reddit can kind of waste your time, it can also be used for good. Here are 10 of the best Reddit pages for guys which can help with your fashion, investing, finances, and free time:

  1. r/frugalmalefashion
  2. r/financialindependence
  3. r/fatfire
  4. r/bogleheads
  5. r/personalfinance
  6. r/selfimprovement
  7. r/zenhabits
  8. r/howtonotgiveaf***
  9. r/productivity
  10. r/frugal

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